This piece of work was undertaken to explore the potential of utilising Apple Wallet (formerly known as Passbook) to allow AXA Motor Policy customers to store their policy details along with important information needed for the accident and claims process.

The outcome of this work was a fully designed wallet with some additional business opportunities to take forward for stage two of the project.


The UX process was a quick response as AXA were keen to push out this product to their customers as soon as possible.

The initial business requirements were:

1. To allow customers to easily access and view their motor policy details.
2. To provide important information a customer would need in the event of an accident and to make a claim.

The first step was to look at whether this initiative had a customer need and explore the how, why and when this product would be used and most importantly what pain points would it help to solve?

Persona creation
Based on the brief, personas were created to help identify the type of customer this product was going to be aimed at.

Louise has only been driving for a couple of months. She has never been involved in an accident before. Louise works in Marketing and has had to stay late at work one night to finish off a presentation. Her husband Paul sorts out the car insurance.

After the personas comes a basic storyboarding exercise to put these personas into real life scenarios to help gain empathy and to discover a list of specific user needs.


Providing an accident checklist
Being involved in an accident is not a pleasant experience. The first time you are in this situation can cause panic and anxiety. Aside from the obvious tasks of checking you and other drivers are OK the next step in the process can become less clear – What should I do now? What information do I need to capture? Should I call the police or the highway agency? What is the number to call?

For the more digitally savvy – the answer may be obvious: Just use Google to find the information you need. That may be all well and good – but what if you are stuck down a country lane in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal or data connection.

In this scenario Louise is unsure what details she needs to capture from the scene of the accident. She does not know who her insurance company are and her husband is not answering his phone. She grabs a pen and paper from her handbag and jots down as much as she can from the other driver. The other driver is angry and aggressive so Louise rushes to get everything down as quick as possible so she can get home.

The solution for this was to provide a checklist of details that needs to be captured on the reverse of the wallet. AXA provide their customers with an accident and claim document which needs to be completed in the event of an accident. This was used as a reference to what details should be included.


There was still the problem that a lot of people use their mobile phones to capture these details at the scene of an accident. Having to flick between the wallet and the native email or Notes application would take additional time and effort.

The solution for this was to embed a mailto link that once clicked would open up the user’s native mail client with a pre populated list of all the details that needed to be captured. This would allow the user to stay within the one screen and it also allowed for the future scope of AXA being able to have these accident details emailed to them.

Using visual design to aid discovery
It was all well and good having these helpful details on the reverse but if customers did not know they were there it would serve no purpose.


One of the wallet templates allowed for a strip image to be applied. This allowed for a visual cue to promote this information. This wallet wasn’t going to be something a customer looked at regularly, it was only going to be relevant when a customer had a specific task or need for. Being involved in an accident and making a claim. The copy on the banner ‘Had an accident or need to make a claim’ is directed towards this action.

Solving another pain point – a further opportunity
From previous research it was identified that customers were becoming increasingly frustrated that when they took out a motor policy with AXA they had to auto renew. AXA sent out emails to their policy holders one month before the renewal date to let them know but many customers reported that they were not aware of these emails, leading to increases in calls to the call centre.


As AXA will know the end date of the customer’s policy – AXA could send a push notification to the customers AXA wallet to update the strip image. As a business benefit, this new strip image could be used to promote loyalty discounts for existing customers. From a customer benefit point of view AXA could use it to let the customer know their policy is coming up for renewal with the offer of a customer loyalty discount being use as a persuasive tool for renewing.

The final designs
The final solution is a branded Apple wallet for AXA motor policy customers which provides useful policy details along with valuable information that they will need in the event of an accident and making a claim.


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