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UX London 2017 – Day 1 (Product)

Last week I attended UX London 2017. Each day of the conference focused on a different theme – Product, Service and Design. This is my summarised notes from Day 1 (Product). Scott Belsky – Crafting the First Mile of Product Experience Scott explored the psychology of customers during their initial use of a product. He focused on social products, providing quantitative and qualitative insights into behavioural patterns: User engagement increases after a user has posted content Users seem to have more interest in their own content rather than others This user behaviour is called ‘ego sharing’’.… Read more

A UX review of a county cricket website

Sales of County cricket tickets and UK attendance have been declining for the past few years. Ex-professionals have blamed a lack of interest. But could it simply be down to bad UX? Here’s the backstory… For my birthday this year, my wife bought me a selection of short-sleeved checked shirts. “What’s wrong with that?” I hear you ask. A lot! And it turns out bad UX was to blame.… Read more

User centred re-design for AXA Insurance

The brief was to create an intuitive and task focused renewal process. The new journey would need to support the 225,000 AXA Home insurance customers. Business requirements and objectives: Needs to be optimised for mobile and touch devices. Needs to provide more clarity and transparency around the elements of cover and options available to the customer to allow for simpler comparison and more informed decision making.… Read more

Using persuasive design on your homepage

Users arrive on the homepage with a specific task to complete. The job of the homepage is to allow the user to complete this task as quickly as possible and to persuade them to complete the task now. For example, a user landing on an insurance company homepage might want to carry out a specific task, such as: • I want to get a quote • I want to make a claim • I want to login to my account It the job of the homepage to make sure the user can complete these tasks as easily and as quickly as possible.… Read more

Experience Mapping for AXA Insurance

Customers are increasingly choosing products and services based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. Creating an experience map is one of the best methods for understanding how customers interact with your business and helps to uncover opportunities for where and how you can improve a customer’s experience.  Working alongside two UX researchers from CXpartners  we spent three days looking across all our services from the customer perspective to help identify: Touch-points (customer needs at each stage) Channels (medium) Customer behaviour (thinking, feeling, doing) If the service is meeting/not meeting expectations Signature moments (opportunities for delightful experiences) Any operational efficiencies (in process/documentation/features) The approach We spent 3 days up in Middlesbrough where the AXA Insurance call centre is based.… Read more

UX Needfinding: Apple Wallet

This piece of work was undertaken to explore the potential of utilising Apple Wallet (formerly known as Passbook) to allow AXA Motor Policy customers to store their policy details along with important information needed for the accident and claims process. The outcome of this work was a fully designed wallet with some additional business opportunities to take forward for stage two of the project.… Read more

Persuasive Design

I recently attended a persuasive design training course given by given by Paul Boag. Paul is a user experience consultant and expert in digital transformation. These are my notes from the day: Applying psychology to digital channels Rule #1: DO NOT TRY TO TRICK USERS!! You can’t really persuade people to do something they don’t want to do – but if they do want to do something, try to encourage them to do it with your brand.… Read more

Ski Explorer App for TUI Travel

Crystal Ski Holidays is the UK’s biggest ski tour operator.  They offer customers the choice of 130 resorts across Europe, North America and Japan. At the 2015 Travel Awards they won the Best Ski Operator for the second consecutive year running. The brief was to create an app which Crystal customers could use out in resort. It would be available the following season.… Read more

Storyboarding concepts for TUI Travel

Le Boat is Europe’s No. 1 boating holiday company, offering canal boat rental across Europe. Le Boat wanted to improve the digital offering to their customers, by providing a more interactive experience for them, whilst cruising along the river ways of Europe. Le Boat wanted to create a minimum viable product which would be available for the start of their peak season.… Read more